About 'Website Scraper' Tool

'Website Scraper' is a specialized software tool designed to extract specific information from websites.

It offers an efficient and automated approach to gather data from various websites based on provided URLs. By utilizing this tool, users can extract valuable information such as website titles, contact details, social media handles, and more, helping them streamline their data collection process and derive insights from website content.

How does it work?

Sign up

Sign up

Fill up the signup form and provide basic details. It's super easy.



Choose a plan and place the order. You need credits to scrape websites.



Use 'Query' form to upload the websites which you want to scrape.



Once the report is available, download it from your dashboard.

Our pricing

Choose your plan

One-time payment to buy credit with a validity of 90 days. No long-term commitment with monthly subscription.

For individuals or small businesses
Number of entries: 10000
For growing businesses
Number of entries: 25000
For corporate

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the information you need about 'Website Scrapper' tool in our comprehensive FAQ section. If you have questions, we have the answers.

'Number of entries' or 'Leads credit' is used to get the businesses' data from websites. To get the data from each website, you will have to spend 1 credit.

Credits are exchanged for number of websites, you want to get the data from. If you buy 5000 credits, that means you can get the contact details from 5000 websites.

Each plan comes with a validity of 90 days.

The credits come with a validity of 90 days. If you don't use them in 90 days of purchase, you will have option to extend the validity for unused credits.

There are 2 ways to increase the validity of unused credits: 1. Buy a new plan to add validity for both unused credits and new credits. 2. Buy the validity for expired credits (Once the validity of unused credits is expired, option to add validity will appear).

The data comes with details required to contact a business. It includes business name, phone number, email address and social media handles. All of these information may not be present for each entry.

The process will start automatically as soon as you upload the list of websites. It may take few minutes to few hours depending upon the number of uploaded entries.

Why 'Website Scrapper' Tool?

  • Provides contact data of businesses
  • Extract data from competitors' websites
  • Saves time and resources
  • Cost effective method of extracting data

What peoples say

The importance of having a platform like Lead Sangrah can be understood by a company like us which constantly consumes data. Thanks to Lead Sangrah team for making our lives easier!

Fiza Nafees

Business Development Manager at BlueFeather

We need constant data for our real estate company. Lead Sangrah is now our favourite place to get this data.

Nirdesh Maan

Marketing head at Larisa Realtech Private Limited

I can’t think of any of the businesses that doesn’t require prospects’ data. I am happy that Lead Sangrah is our data partner.

Girish Tiwari

Owner at Green Curation

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