About 'Google SERP Scraper'

Our tool is a powerful solution for automating the collection of publicly available data from Google Search.

With a simple interface, users can input search queries, allowing the tool to swiftly extract key information such as meta titles, descriptions, URLs, search result types, and positions on the SERPs. 'Google SERP Scraper' is designed to save time and provide a streamlined experience for accessing valuable data from Google.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the information you need about 'Google SERP Scraper' in our comprehensive FAQ section. If you have questions, we have the answers.

Yes, you can run this tool on 2 different devices.

The support will be provided for 3 months from the date of purchase.

No, there is no such restrictions. You can fetch as many records as available on Google.

The data includes search query, title, website URL, description, type of result and position.

Not at all.

You need to have 'Google Chrome' browser installed in your machine.

How does it work?

Sign up

Sign up

Fill up the signup form and provide basic details. It's super easy.



Make the payment in order to buy the Google SERP Scraper.



Download the tool from user dashboard or product page.



Once downloaded, you can start using it to get the data.

Why 'Google SERP Scraper'?

  • Enables users to extract data from Google SERPs
  • Offering valuable information about top ranking websites
  • Helps businesses analyze their competitors
  • Enable reseach-based decision making
  • Simplifies lead generation
  • Saves time and resources

What peoples say

I can’t think of any of the businesses that doesn’t require prospects’ data. I am happy that Lead Sangrah is our data partner.

Girish Tiwari

Owner at Green Curation

We need constant data for our real estate company. Lead Sangrah is now our favourite place to get this data.

Nirdesh Maan

Marketing head at Larisa Realtech Private Limited

The importance of having a platform like Lead Sangrah can be understood by a company like us which constantly consumes data. Thanks to Lead Sangrah team for making our lives easier!

Fiza Nafees

Business Development Manager at BlueFeather

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